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Zobele Group is a multinational manufacturer with its headquarters in Italy. Zobele Group is one of the world’s largest producer of innovative and cost-effective solutions for leading household, health & personal care brands with both globally optimized solutions and regionally customized products. From its Innovation and Design Center (IHub), based in Barcelona and with a delegation in Singapore, the group is managing all the innovation activities globally.

Based on Design Thinking approach and leveraging on Open Innovation activities, Zobele IHub aims to lead market innovation in Company´s core businesses and provide new business opportunities looking for diversification.

Nuestra visión

Framed within this Open Innovation approach, Zobele IHub created Join & Win; an acceleration program for Startups, providing them with scalability, while at the same time, Zobele is benefited from new products for manufacturing and increasing the product range offer to its customers. Zobele Join and Win has been operative since September 2016, where several Startups have already joined the program. The offer for the Startups is: Product Design and Engineering; Manufacturing and Distribution and Access to Market

On the other hand, Zobele Group´s objectives from its Join and Win program are: Increasing revenue from secured manufacturing of startups products; Product diversification, and increased portfolio offer to its customers; Maintain the lead position in product innovation by collaborating with startups and entrepreneurs.


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