The Intelligent Mobility (IM) Accelerator

Seeking start-ups to lead a transport revolution powered by the Connected Places Catapult and Wayra UK

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Making transport smarter.

The Intelligent Mobility (IM) Accelerator, a partnership between Connected Places Catapult and Wayra UK, is designed to attract disruptive start-ups with high-growth potential into the UK transport supply chain, while helping them grow into world-leading companies.

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Our Intelligent Mobility (IM) Accelerator is one of our most successful programmes which evidently shows the benefits of a committed partnership and why we seek world-class partners. Partners include the Government funded Connected Places Catapult and the automotive giant Hyundai.

The programme is the first in the UK to cover the full range of areas related to Intelligent Mobility, supporting data-driven solutions for the most pressing transport problems facing the world today. To date we have created 18+ commercial pilots and proof of concepts and companies have raised over £30M+.


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