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Bquate is a full-stack premium music platform that helps established artists, songwriters, managers, labels, and publishers take control of their music, content, data and, most importantly, their money. We use technology, creativity, and artificial intelligence to develop our full-service powerhouse that democratizes global royalty collection, content protection, video monetization, publishing administration, global distribution, business intelligence and real-time data, all in one place. With impeccable customer support and unprecedented added values like our Creative Data Lab™, we leverage the data obtained from all the relevant sources to develop creator-centered tools and disruptive solutions for the music industry Our mission is to bring transparency to every music creator and music company, by providing all the tools they need to be global and to be limitless while retaining control of their work. Bquate brings the influence of a record label, the reach of a publisher, t

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La influencia de un Sello Discrogáfico. El alcance de una Editora. La fuerza de una Red. El poder de la Tecnología. Todo en un sólo lugar.

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Espacio: Wayra Perú

Estado de inversión: Seed (1-3M€)

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