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Telefónica Open Future_

Europe’s Corporate Startup Stars, run by open innovation advisory firm Mind the Bridge and innovation foundation Nesta, has today unveiled the list of the 36 corporates that are doing the most to collaborate with startups across the continent. The awards, the second that have taken place under the European Commission’s Startup Europe Partnership initiative, were presented at an event in Brussels.

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Telefónica Open Future_

According to data taken from among the over 750 startups which have been invested in through the different investment vehicles of Telefónica Open Future_, the percentage of failed businesses is on average 14% lower if companies are under female leadership.

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El Instituto Mexicano de la Juventud (Imjuve), Telefónica Open Future_ y las Instancias Estatales de Juventud (IEJ), a través de las Casas del Emprendedor Poder Joven (CEPJ) que hay en el país, han formado una alianza estratégica en virtud de la cual se ha lanzado la convocatoria “StartUPeando Emprendedores Mx”, que ha supuesto un éxito de participación y de la que ya se han seleccionado los mejores proyectos.

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Telefónica Open Future_

Telefónica Open Future_ dedicates a new edition of the Focus Week to an issue that affects to public and private companies, as well as citizens: cybersecurity.

Tags CIBERSECURITY ciberseguridad crowdworking FOCUS WEEK telefónica open future wayra
Wayra Argentina

Auravant, the company that through its products accompany agricultural producers throughout the campaign with alerts of their fields, has recently launched Zoom.

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TOF Global

It might be obvious -or not- that every company is born with a social goal that justifies obtaining revenue for its survival. Every entrepreneur has a social impact, even if they are not aware: The mere fact of offering a service or selling a line of products already implies a contribution to society. First question entrepreneurs have to make themselves is what problem/need the society demands to solve and how to make it possible, even before evaluating how to monetize it. However, lately, we have taken this a step forward. That’s how the “social entrepreneurship” concept was first invented.

Tags crowdworking innovation SOCIal entrepreneurship wayra
Telefónica Open Future_

The European Accelerator Report 2016, produced by gust, a global Software as a Service (SaaS) financing platform, has the goal of providing an exclusive vision of the different acceleration programmes there are in Europe. In the case of the ten leading European seed accelerators (based on capital invested), the report highlights the fourth position achieved by Wayra (€2,410,000), behind Techstars, Impact and 500 Startups, and ahead of other accelerators such as Collider, Accelerace and Startupbootcamp.

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TOF Global

Aerial Technologies Raises $2.25M to Accelerate the Commercialization of its Motion Intelligence Interface for the Wi-Fi Home

Tags amerigo ENTREPRENEURSHIP innovation SMART HOME wayra

Sergio Balarezo, Rector de la Universidad de Piura y Alvaro Valdez, director de Relaciones Institucionales, Comunicación y Sostenibilidad Corporativa de Telefónica firmaron un acuerdo para promover el talento local y los emprendimientos digitales de la región Piura. La incubadora de emprendimientos Hub UDEP formará parte de los espacios de trabajo colaborativo (Crowdworking Spaces) del programa de Telefónica Open Future.

Tags crowdworking piura udep wayra perú
Telefónica Open Future_

The third edition of Focus Week, which aims to open the debate on current-day issues relating to new technologies and digital entrepreneurship, hosted numerous Big Data-related activities during the week beginning 15 May, which were broadcast throughout the acceleration spaces of the Telefónica Open Future_ network. Over the week the Wayra academies from Germany, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Spain, Mexico, Peru, the United Kingdom and Venezuela, as well as several crowdworking spaces, offered different perspectives on a sector which in 2016 represented 35% of the investments in digital solutions made by large Spanish companies.

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TOF Global

Globally, over 2.5 quintillion bytes of information are generated each day on the internet. Faced with such enormous amounts of data, it becomes essential to process them so that the company is not at a disadvantage compared to its competitors due to the ease of access to information which characterises the present age. That is why, according to the report on the Information Society in Spain, produced by the Telefónica Foundation, 35% of Spanish companies invested in Big Data during 2016.

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Telefónica Open Future_

Muquo Games is a Spanish startup that develops games for mobile devices with the conviction that playing in group and doing it face to face is more funny. This startup has made its start with a videogame for smartphones and tablets called Andrana Project. It is the first phygital social game -now under development- to test strategy, persuasiveness, teamwork and the emotional intelligence of each player.

Tags andrana project crowdworking el cubo Muquo games phygital social games telefónica open future_