Women´s Age

Women’s Age is Telefónica Open Future_'s initiative for women entrepreneurs. Find all the latest news on female entrepreneurship right here.

First Impact Innovation Talks

First Impact Innovation Talks organized by Telefonica Open Future_ and PWN Madrid. This series of meetings wants to invite people to think over the progress, innovation and future of the entrepreneurship of women and their part in Telefónica´s initiative to empower female entrepreneur, Women´s Age.

Impact Innovation Talks

PWN Madrid and Telefónica Open Future_ start the on June 21st the first meeting of the “Impact Innovation Talks” series to impulse and reflect on the improvements, innovation and future of women entrepreneurship.

Female entrepreneurship, first hand experiences

Why do women undertake entrepreneurship activities? Four women entrepreneurs within our ecosystem tell you all about how they managed to start their own startup, the obstacles and the benefits they found along the way and whether being a woman entrepreneur is worthwhile.

First Cocktails&Net in Madrid

The female networking event about women and technology organised by Dones en Xarxa was held at the Wayra headquarters in Gran Vía. Laura Baena, creator of the Club de las Malas Madres, Inma Turbao, General Manager of Container Contenidos, and Yolanda Rueda, founder of Cibervoluntarios, shared their experiences with the audience in dynamic talks and debates.

First Women's Age Encounter

In 20 October 2015, the first encounter to promote female entrepreneurship was organised by Telefónica Open Future_ and FEEPE. It was attended by over 250 women entrepreneurs who discussed with business owners, investors, fund managers and members of public administrations about the need to increase the presence of women in our society.