The following are some of the most frequently asked questions about user experience on our platform.


What’s the Toolbox?

Toolbox is an online resource library that can help you develop your idea or startup.

How are the tools on Toolbox organized?

The tools available on the Toolbox section are organized by different criteria:

  • By development stage: depends on the maturity level the startup finds itself in.
  • By objective: depends on the objective you want to maximize
  • By type of tool: You can have practical and content-based tools available at your fingertips (templates).

Do I have to set up a startup profile to be able to use the tools available on Toolbox?

No, the resources available on Toolbox do not require the user to set up a startup profile.

Why don’t I have to fill out anything to use a tool?

Given that our tools can be used for any idea or startup, no matter what sector or development stage they’re in, we won't request you to fill out anything whenever you want use the tools. Just follow the steps set up for each tool and apply them specifically to your specific idea or startup.