The following are some of the most frequently asked questions about user experience on our platform.

Telefónica Open Future_

What is Telefónica Open Future_?

Open Future_ ‘s main objective is to maximize talent and technological entrepreneurship. To do this, you can count on different online and offline initiatives that support entrepreneurs, startups and solid businesses on their way to success. Find all the information you need about Telefónica Open Future_ on Who We Are.

Who’s behind the scenes?

Open Future_ is Telefonica's open innovation program which was created with the help of external partners, both private and public.

Is Telefónica Open Future_ an online accelerator?

The program Telefónica Open Future_ is designed by different initiatives that are focused on open innovation. One of those initiatives is the online tool ( ), where you can find all the resources you need to make your project grow.

What online initiatives does Telefónica Open Future_ have to offer?

The online tool acts as a free entrepreneurial meeting point for all: people with groundbreaking ideas, startups, already established businesses, investors… On it you'll be able to network, find learning tools, calls, events and more information to make your project grow.

What offline initiatives does Telefónica Open Future_ offer?

Through offline initiatives such a Wayra, Crowdworking, or Funds like Amerigo and Telefónica Venures, you’ll be bale to push, accelerate and get all the funding you need for your idea or business. Find more information about our initiatives on Who We Are.