The following are some of the most frequently asked questions about user experience on our platform.


What’s considered a startup on the platform?

The profile of a startup is the reflection of a project. These profiles hold real information about the project, no matter what stage it is in. The definition of a startup can range from an idea on a piece of paper to a fully functioning business. To register a startup, the owner has to register as a separate user first and then register the startup (which will be linked to the owner’s profile).

What advantages can I get by registering a startup on the platform?

By creating a startup on the platform you will be able to access calls in a much easier way, as the information about the project will be saved as a startup, that way you can retrieve it later on to save time when you sign up for calls You will be part of our startup listing, which will help you gain exposure.

What’s a startups listing?

It’s a space that lists all of the startups that are part of Telefónica’s Open Future_ ecosystem. You can search for them by using different filters such as: country, field of expertise, etc.