The following are some of the most frequently asked questions about user experience on our platform.

Open Guru_

What is Open Guru_?

Open Guru_ is a space where any user can ask a question related to their startup or idea, or answer any of the questions posted on our Open Future_ community forum.Open Guru_’s main premise is for every entrepreneur who is an expert in any field, because of his education or professional experience, to help other members by answering their questions and solving any doubts or concerns.

If I ask a question, who will answer?

When posting a question, you must label it with tags or categorize it under different sections, as each user in our community can link their area of expertise to their profile. Open Guru_ links each posted question to the most experienced user who can best answer it.

If I ask a question, when will I get an answer?

Open Guru_ is a tool that is based on collaborative work from all users in the community. Therefore, It is difficult to estimate when each question will be answered.

What are my areas of expertise?

These are areas in which you are an expert or have broad knowledge on. Identify your areas of expertise on Open Guru_, that way you can help answer questions about fields that you have experience on. The more users that identify their areas of expertise on their profiles, the faster the questions will be linked to the right person who can answer them.

What kind of questions can I ask on Open Guru_?

Open Guru_ is designed so that users can ask any question related to their startup or idea, whether it be at a business or technical level.

What kind of questions should I not ask on Open Guru_?

Open Guru_ is not designed for:

  • Advertising your startups or services.
  • Asking general questions about calls or events.
  • Any other purpose that is not asking questions directly related to your idea or startup