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Opentop, the Open Innovation HUB of the Valenciaport Foundation in collaboration with Wayra, the open innovation unit of Telefónica, brings you the new Business Growth Program for startups. One more year we open the doors of the Port of Valencia to revolutionize the port sector thanks to technology and collaboration. If you have an inquiring mind and want to level up your technology project in a unique environment, do not hesitate, join our Business Growth Program!

Do you want to join us?

At Opentop we are looking for ideas related to port technology to revolutionize the port industry. Our personalized incubation and acceleration program, developed in collaboration with Telefónica, offers you the opportunity to accelerate your business in the heart of the Mediterranean with access to world leading companies, top-level mentors, financing and a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem in one of the countries more Emblematic cities of the Mediterranean

What are we looking for

We are looking for startups to solve the following challenges that are brought into the program through our partners:

1. Challenge 1 Sponsored by APV (Autoridad Portuaria de Valencia):
Challenge: Situational awareness of port police in the port of Valencia: the case of dangerous goods

In the dynamic environment of the port of Valencia, a crucial challenge is posed by the application of extended reality technologies to optimise the management of critical and complex situations, particularly with regard to the handling of dangerous goods. Port police are confronted on a daily basis with a variety of scenarios that require rapid responses and informed decisions. Therefore, the need to integrate real-time data from various sources (such as security cameras, IoT sensors and information systems among others) is an essential component to provide officers with a complete and up-to-date view on dangerous goods in the port environment.

This challenge invites startups to explore innovative solutions that leverage extended reality to transform the how port police perceive and respond to the complexities of dangerous goods in the port environment. The effective integration of emerging technologies will open up new opportunities to enhance the security and operational efficiency of dangerous goods in the port of Valencia. The emphasis is on creativity and disruptive approaches to overcome current challenges, providing agents with advanced tools for proactive port security management.

You have until 20th of February 2024  to submit your application.  

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